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Most frequent questions and answers

We let you know up front what we’re capable and willing to do to get your website launched in 2-weeks. If you need features and functions we can’t deliver, we will recommend qualified web designers who specialize in those areas.

First, you’ve been without a website for too long and have probably lost potential customers. That ends in 2-weeks. Second, we already incorporate all the elements in our design your customers are looking for when they visit your website so you don’t have to worry. Third, if you are not familiar with all the aspects of web design, it’s nearly impossible to compare one web design company from another based on price. We show you exactly what you’re going to get and have a single firm price to deliver it to you in 2-weeks.

We don’t build websites for big businesses. The difference between a small business website and a big business website is normally behind the scenes. Both need to give their customers what they want to see when they arrive at your site. But, big business sites have to be designed for hundreds or thousands of people visiting their sites at one time. They need robust capability for storing data. They may be conducting thousands of transactions an hour. Security is a web design specialty all by itself. They may want to show up on the first page of a Google search which requires expert manipulation of programing code and messaging.

Most companies in business to build websites have the talent to tackle the big business needs and make a lot of money serving that community. They usually don’t have a division that handles ‘mom & pops.’ It’s not worth their time. If they do take you on, they have to justify their time by charging at market rate. And, they probably will give you far more of what you don’t need (back end stuff) and less of what you do need (a simple clean website).

We don’t want your money until you’re happy with our design and the site is ready to launch. We are literally designing and building a website for you for FREE before you buy. When you’re ready to launch the site, we receive your full payment for the full first year.

Yes. If you provide text or photos that need changing, no problem. If you want a complete layout change of the website, we may need to talk about that. But, if certain segments need a tweak here or there like a change of color or location, we can work with most of those type of changes at no charge.